Ashley Richardson Zabalaoui

     With residencies in all parts of the United States, from NYC to Los Angeles, Boston to Austin and, of course New Orleans, Ashley has a wealth of cultural diversity in life, music, theater and the arts. Mrs. Zabalaoui also has credentials to back up her worldly je ne sai quoi: a degree in Music & Theater from the Boston Conservatory. With performances of many diverse genres over the years, she has developed powerful vocals and a joyful stage presence that keep crowds having fun. Ashley, always one to entertain both eyes and ears, is a performer you will not soon forget!!

Michael Zabalaoui

     When “Z” is not busy at work helping his clients negotiate volatility in the investment markets or balancing their checkbooks, he is sitting behind his drumkit releasing his anxiety. Picking up his Uncle’s drumstix when he was just 6, Michael immediately felt an affinity and love for the primal feel of beating animal skins with wooden sticks. Furthering his interest during his elementary years in Military school through the drum and bugle corps, then in various Rock bands later during College. Now, Z finds joy playing righteous tunes with good friends...and of course, with a nice glass of Cab!

Blake Schayot

     Guitarist Blake Schayot, New Orleans native, has been wielding a guitar for over 30 years. As an accomplished guitarist, bassist, & drummer, his multi-talents are evident in his playing. Drawing from rock, punk, funk & metal, his well rounded style is perfectly suited for The Water Meters! He has performed in numerous cover bands in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. As one of the founding members of the Saints Drumline (FCDC), Blake has performed onstage and in the Superdome for thousands of people! Armed with a 6-string, Blake provides The Water Meters with a dimension of rhythm and melody that's music to the ears AND body!!

Mike Sidman

     “I landed at J.F. Kennedy High School, where I basically took band class because it was an easy A! I met Walter Harris, the school Band Director. His influence changed my life. I Graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Composition/Performance degree and a business minor.

Prior to my first year in college, a door opened up for me playing sax with Heuy Lewis and the News. I stumbled upon Jimmys night club uptown in New Orleans, and here was a great band on stage . They were basically unkown and without any knowledge of the inevitable success they were about to claim. I only worked with them for one summer......wish I would have stuck around, but College was on the burner.  I would take summers off from College to work for such artists asTina Turner, Madonna-Jellybean Benitez, and local acts such a Irma Thomas, the Dixie Cups and many more. After Graduating college, I joined the very diversified Local cover/party band "The Bedrocks" and found the styling's of the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and Junior Walker to name a few as my heart beat that kept going for 20 years.

Its a Crazy life, but once you test the Waters, the Meter is stuck in your Brain for ever.”

Craig Wilson

     Much like Blake, bassist Craig Wilson is a multi-faceted musician playing guitar, bass, and piano....while also drumming it up as a member of the Saints Drumline (FCDC)!!! A native New Orleanian, Craig uses his background as a percussionist to sure up the rhythm section and "bring the bottom end", which truly is the backbone of great music. While not playing music locally, Craig teaches privately and within the Jefferson Parish School System. Musicians, young and old, can learn a thing or two by watching Mr. Wilson lay down a groove or slap a riff!